Joel Adams

Joel Adams is a freelance investigative reporter. He has worked for the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail Online, the Archant Investigations Unit and the Brighton Argus. 


A selection of stories published in regional and national titles. All are exclusives. Almost all are hard news investigations, a few others tell of changes which came about following investigations or campaigns of mine, plus there are a couple of human interest stories which are particularly close to my heart.

£270,000 windfall for tyre mountain owner who still hasn't cleared eyesore site

Roger Gawn estimates he will be paid around £120,000 for the used rubber on the site near Fakenham, because the war in Ukraine has pushed up the global prices of oil and oil-derived products. Before the price hikes, it would have cost him £150,000 to have it taken away.

The tyres will be shipped to developing countries where they will be burned as fuel in power plants and cement factories.

His windfall comes as North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) officers gear up to finally prosecute the bus

Four in five police officers accused of domestic abuse keep their jobs

Since January 2018, 22 Norfolk police officers and five civilian staff have been reported to the police, accused of domestic abuse offences.

Three of the 27 were disciplined, three were removed from their post and one was convicted of a crime.

However 21 individuals reported to the police for alleged domestic abuse remained in post.

Ruth Davison, CEO of domestic abuse charity Refuge, warned the figures likely only “scratched the surface”.

She said: "We know that only around a fifth of women

The Russian oligarchs who have donated £50,000 to a Norfolk MP

It costs money to run a political party - to employ staff and print brochures and create adverts and do polling - and in the UK most funding comes from donations.

In the six week run-up to the 2019 General Election for example, the Conservatives received £19.4m, including £13m from individuals and £6m from companies, while Labour received £5.4m, £5m of which was from trades unions. All parties also receive regular donations from supporters outside of election cycles.

The freedom to donate to t

Chance of cancer being caught too late has doubled

At the James Paget University Hospital (JPUH) in Gorleston 17 per cent of cancers were caught at the latest phase - Stage 4 - in early 2019, but that number has doubled, hitting 36pc in July.

The Norfolk and Norwich (NNUH) and Queen Elizabeth (QEH) hospitals also saw spikes in the percentage of cancers caught late during the pandemic.

NHS figures show just half of cancer patients are being treated within the target time of two months at the NNUH, but other hospitals are meeting cancer targets

Homes by firm of Grand Designs' Kevin McCloud 'are like Fawlty Towers'

Residents in million-pound houses in a development built by Kevin McCloud's troubled housing firm have complained that two years after it was due to be finished the site is still covered in scaffolding, with unfinished pavements and no street lighting.

HAB Housing, founded by McCloud, promised eco-friendly developments in Winchester and Oxford would be finished by 2017.

But yesterday the Winchester location still has a building site with temporary toilets where the development promised a wildf